It’s Written in the Stars: 10 of the Best Love and Compatibility Quotes

It’s Written in the Stars: 10 of the Best Love and Compatibility Quotes

Love is complicated- bet you’ve heard that one before? But why does this resound so loudly with so many people? Well, it’s called the human condition!

Humans are emotional beings. In fact, almost everything we do and all the decisions we make are based on emotion. Even the most rational decisions are charged by emotion, and you may not even realize it.

Being emotional makes us complicated- but such is the beauty of love and life. If you’ve been stumped by love one too many times, perhaps these compatibility quotes on the topic should help…

Compatibility Quotes for a Deeper Understanding of Love

While compatibility in a relationship is important, love does not understand color, sex, religion or social status. Love is love and compatibility tends to work itself into the relationship.

Compatibility is not something that can be forced, either. At the end of the day, your relationship should fit naturally.

1. “What Counts in Making a Happy Marriage is Not So Much How Compatible You Are but How You Deal With Incompatibility.”

As quoted by Leo Tolstoy, this quote is an ode to how you deal with disagreements in your relationship. No relationship is perfect and even the most compatible couples disagree.

It’s how you deal with these disagreements that’s make or break for a relationship. The strongest relationships understand there will be disagreements and learn to accept each other’s opinions.

2. “Don’t Marry a Woman, Marry Your Life. That’s Why She’s Called a Wife.”

Constance Friday Elias was the one to say this inspiring quote which relates to why couples choose to get married in the first place. When you choose a life partner you’re also choosing a lifestyle, their hobbies, their interests, their career.

3. ”Don’t Settle For a Relationship That Won’t Let You Be Yourself”

Quoted by none other than Oprah Winfrey, this quote speaks about being true to yourself in a relationship. Happy, strong and long-lasting relationships are based on truth, honesty, and openness.

If a partner squashes your personality and makes you feel like a lesser part of the relationship, this is a recipe for heartbreak.

4. ”Never Above You. Never Below You. Always Beside You.”

As Walter Winchell said, the purpose of finding a compatible partner is not so that they can be better than you, or vice versa. It’s so that you have a partner of equal rank to share life’s greatest moments with!

5. ”If You Haven’t Found It Yet, Keep Looking. Don’t Settle. As With All Matters of the Heart, You’ll Know When You Find It.”

Steve Jobs couldn’t have been more correct in saying that you should never settle when it comes to love and compatibility with a partner.

Ultimately, a strong, independent person will only fall in love with their equal. So take the time to find your equal and someone who brings full support and commitment to your relationship.

6. ”Love Is a Game That Two Can Play and Both Win.”

Eva Gabor likens love and a solid relationship to being both supportive and fun. Find someone who is willing to share in your great achievements, rather than celebrating solitary accomplishments.

7. ”Be Honest, Brutally Honest. That Is What’s Going To Maintain Relationships.”

Lauryn Hill knows where it’s at! Honesty is the backbone of any strong, long-lasting relationship. Never shy away from speaking the truth to your partner.

Yes, it may hurt at the time, but bottling up your feelings and emotions can only lead to communication breakdown and relationship failure.

In order to have a strong relationship, you need to leave your comfort zone every once in a while to be brutally honest and speak your truth. This way you can challenge one another and grow together.

8. ”Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.”

Lao Tzu speaks about vulnerability in a relationship. Falling in love and being loved makes both partners vulnerable, and that’s the beauty of a relationship.

This quote also refers to empowerment. Loving someone very deeply and receiving this love in return is empowering, uplifting and provides a sense of security.

9. ”The Ultimate Test of a Relationship Is To Disagree But To Hold Hands.”

If anything, it’s healthy to have disagreements in a relationship. This is a sign you’re willing to see disagreements as a challenge and not an obstacle or failure.

10. ”The Purpose of a Relationship Is Not To Have Another Who Might Complete You, But To Have Another With Whom You Share Your Completeness.”

Neale Donald Walsch is very accurate in saying that you should never rely on a partner to ”complete you”. Instead, look to them as someone who complements your unique qualities.

Best Quotes on Recovering From Heartbreak

If you’re currently going through a rough patch and recently had your heart broken, we hope these compatibility quotes have left you with inspiration.

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