Numerology And Marriage: How Number Affects Love, Relationships And Your Partner’s Destiny

Numerology And Marriage: How Number Affects Love, Relationships And Your Partner’s Destiny

Numerology And Marriage: Every number resonates with certain planetary energy and they affect our lives. Here’s how a number can predict your marriage and relationship.

Marriage and numerology: Let’s figure out the number effect on your compatibility and relationship in married life. Every number resonates with certain planetary energy and they affect our lives. Let’s first understand how to calculate a birth number and life path number. A ‘character number’ is the single-digit total of your day number, i.e. the day on which you were born. For example, if your date of birth is 14, then your birth number is 1+4=5. A ‘destiny number’ is a single-digit total of your full date of birth. For example, your full date of birth is 14.4.2001, then by adding all the numbers in the date we get 3, so 3 is your destiny number. Also Read – Weekly Numerology Prediction, August 30 to September 5: What’s in Store For You This Week?

Love, Sex & Relationship according to Numerology

Marriage prediction for people born on number 1 : Also Read – Numerology: How Your Birth Date Can Identify Health Problems in Advance

Number 1 people are very passionate people and do not get influenced easily. They are practical and would like to know mousemingle review the person better before making any decision. They are normally seen marrying their childhood friends. They don’t compromise and can’t be forced to fall in love. The best combination for them is numbers 2,4,6 and the worst is 7,8, 9. Also Read – Numerology: How Your Birth Date Affects Your Career

They are emotional and sensitive people who focus on their love and family. They listen to their heart when it comes to love, marriage and relationships. This also makes them vulnerable to suffering in married life. However, once they decide to break through, they are not stoppable. Like number 1 persons, they also look for a better understanding with their partner. They are more inclined towards emotional pleasures than physical pleasures.

Number 2 people have extreme mood swings, that’s the only thing negative about them. For a happy and cordial relationship with this number, it is very important to communicate more with them and clarify any doubts they have. These people are also very secretive about their love lives. The best combination for them is number 1, 3, 6 And the worst is 5 and 8.

Number 3 people are very practical and self-obsessed. They love themselves more than anyone else and that’s the reason they like to dominate their partners. They are not very romantic and generally do not follow their heart in making bitious people and like to be on top, this reflects in their personal relationship as well. The best combination for them is number 2,6,9 and the worst is 1,4.

Number 4 people tend to have more relationships outside the marriage for sexual pleasures. However, this is not true for all, people born on the 22nd are more loyal towards their partners. Most number 4 people are dominating. They remain committed to their partners and that’s the reason their extramarital relations are not revealed.

Number 4 people are short-tempered which affects their marriage and love life and becomes a reason for divorce. The best combination for them is number 1,2,7,8 and the worst is 4 itself.

For people with the number 5, sex is very important. They are also very experimental in their sex life. These people get bored very soon and tend to have many relationships before marriage. They are wavering people with no particular stand. Number 5 and 8 are the best match for them and number 2 is the worst.

Number 6 people have a charming and magnetic personality which attracts opposite sex towards them. They tend to have relationships outside their marriage and if they are not emotionally attached to their partner, it can lead to discord and separation. This number is of love and peace, so emotional and physical compatibility is important for them. Number 6 people are good in foreplay and lovemaking. Number 6 people tend to gel with all numbers so there is no worst or best match for them.

Number 7 people are very romantic and love to surprise their partners with romantic dates and gifts. They want to be happy in their personal lives to be successful in their careers. They love peace and don’t want to live a stressed life. For a relationship or marriage for successful, they need to communicate more with their partner and keep things clear and transparent to avoid any stress in life. Number 2 is the best match for them and number 9 is the worst.

Number 8 people have strong character, yet they are emotional in their relationships. They are most loyal among all the numbers and follow their partners. They are misunderstood a lot of times and hence often suffer in a relationship. Number 8 women especially suffer in their marriage. They should try to marry a number 8 person because of their loyalty. The worst number to 8 is 2, they should always avoid marriage alliance with 2, however, they can be good friends with 2.

Number 9 people are very dominating and they want to rule the game always. They are also emotional but most of the time their emotions are not understood by others. For them, sex is very important in any love relationship and the rest follows. They also indulge in relationships outside their marriage, purely for sex. Sex is the supreme most demanding of theirs. They are very caring towards their family. Number 2 and 6 are the best match for them and numbers 1 and 9 are the worst.

(About Dr. Madhu Kotiya: A renowned tarot mentor, numerologist, Vastu expert, a spiritual and a psychic healer. She is also a channel to Arch angles and ascended masters. She has devoted her life to the mystic world of tarot since 1998 and laid the foundation of MShezaim Institute of Tarot and Divination in 2002 to promote the study of tarot and divination. Over the years, she has provided her services and helped many people through her psychic ability and healing powers. She has worked on several areas that include depression, addictions, fears and phobias, emotional traumas, concentration issues, and relationship problems.)

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